Aging in place is an increasingly popular choice among seniors who want to maintain their independence and continue living in their own homes as they age. However, this decision can require significant home modifications to ensure safety, accessibility, and comfort. Taylor Made Custom Contracting specializes in transforming kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and other living spaces to accommodate the unique needs of aging adults. How can you turn your home into something that meets your needs now and in the future?

Kitchen Modifications for Safety and Convenience

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many families, and that is no different for seniors! When aging in place, there are several modifications you can make to make you more comfortable. For example, we can help install pull-out shelves, lazy Susans, and adjustable height countertops that make storage and cooking more accessible. We can also add more lighting using techniques like under-cabinet lighting to brighten the space without visually cluttering it.  Safety is also a priority, and anti-slip flooring and rounded countertop edges can minimize injury risk and make the kitchen a safer place for senior living.

Bathroom Modifications for Accessibility and Safety

Bathrooms can be dangerous for anyone of any age, and they can be particularly hazardous for aging in place. We can install walk-in tubs and curbless showers with non-slip surfaces and built-in seating to make personal care safer and more comfortable. There are also toilet modifications available for senior living, including raising the toilet seat height and installing grab bars. Finally, anti-slip flooring can lower the risk of falls, which are common bathroom injuries.

Whole-House Modifications for Comfort and Ease

In addition to specific kitchen and bathroom modifications, there are several more general modifications we can help with that will improve overall home safety and comfort for seniors. For example, installing ramps at entryways and handrails along hallways and staircases can make getting around the house much easier. For a bigger project, widening doorways and hallways will allow for easier navigation, especially for those using wheelchairs or walkers. Smart home technology can also be a valuable tool for aging in place, as things like automated lighting, temperature controls, and security systems can enhance safety and convenience for seniors.

Taylor Made Can Help with Your Remodeling and Home Decorating Goals

Taylor Made Custom Contracting is your best source for home remodeling in the Baltimore, MD area. We offer award-winning services for additions, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, aging-in-place projects, and much more. In addition, decades of experience in the industry make us uniquely qualified to handle any challenge. Our clients can truly feel confident choosing us every time. To schedule a consultation for your dream remodeling project, contact us today through our website here or give us a call at (410) 557-0322. We can’t wait to hear about your home remodeling ideas!