It’s time to start thinking about your spring remodeling projects. Spring cleaning may mean decluttering your home after too much time inside for the last couple of months, but it also means focusing on projects that are best done sooner rather than later. Remember those cracks in the foundation that still need to be repaired, or the torn screens on the porch that could mar your cozy sunroom mornings when the weather gets warm? It’s best to tackle these projects now, and soak in the benefits (along with the rays) when late spring and summer make their appearance. Here are some ideas for where to start.

Repairing the Foundation

Cracks can form in your foundation from continuous flexing of the earth underneath due to temperature changes, or drainage issues. Making sure to address anything wrong with the foundation is crucial for both your home’s value and safety! If you suspect there’s an issue that needs resolving, make sure to call an expert right away. If you’ve been waiting for the right time, you might be surprised to learn that the best time to repair a foundation is when the ground is cold. There’s still time if you missed out on peak winter weather, but you can also opt in for spring repair. Aim to get it done as early as March, and you’ll benefit from the ground still being cold. 

Outdoor Walkways and Sheds

We’d be remiss to mention spring remodeling projects and not touch on outdoor walkways and sheds! Spring is the perfect time to prepare your landscaping for flowers and shrubs to thrive when the weather gets warmer. It’s also a good time to update your walkways if they are cracked, or if you’ve been meaning to get new pavers installed. 

Getting that creaky shed out back remodeled and ready for the gardening season is also a great idea for early spring. You can use it for gardening, or even for other purposes. Anything is better than letting it sit and create an eyesore in your yard! 

Replace the Garage Door

This is an often-overlooked project, and it’s perfect for part of your spring remodeling project.  Having a new garage door not only increases your curb appeal and the home’s value, but it can also help manage energy costs and create a more secure environment for storage. Tackle this spring remodeling project for increased utility and a much better looking home exterior!

Taylor Made Can Help With Your Spring Remodeling Projects

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