Garages are undergoing a transformation in 2024, and you might be surprised at how much value you can add to your home by having one. This often-overlooked money maker offers about a 75-85 percent return on your investment. If you don’t have a garage, then congratulations, you have a clean slate to start from! If you do have a garage, you’ll get the most out of it by keeping it modern and upgraded, especially if you hope to sell soon. That could mean incorporating some of these features in your garage renovations.

Detached Garages Located Behind the Home

One place to start is building or moving your garage so that it is either detached from your home or attached to the back of your home. Many homeowners are choosing to make this change so that they can better focus on curb appeal. It allows you to get more creative with front lawn decorations, such as plants and shrubbery, and lovely walkways. Focus on the front-facing façade is increasing among homeowners.

Transforming Garage Walls and Floors

Say goodbye to the unfinished walls and single-lightbulb style of the traditional garage. The floor doesn’t need to be a chipped slab of oil-stained concrete, either. We now have access to materials that may not have been widely used at the time your garage was built, and now is a great time to explore them! High performance wall panels are gaining popularity. They offer enhanced insulation and resist moisture better than your standard drywall. Similarly, moisture and stain resistant flooring can be used to upgrade your garage aesthetic. Polypropylene tiles are another smart flooring option, and they come in different colors and design patterns so that you can better personalize the look.

Increased Utility

Garages are all-too-often used as unorganized storage rooms. They can easily become an extension of your attic, basement, or closets as a place to store holiday decorations and other odds and ends, making it difficult to use them for their intended purpose. Consider having storage cabinets built in so that you can still use the space for storage, while also making room to park your car. Garages are also often used as hobby or workbench spaces, and building those areas into yours in a way that works is what we’re good at!

Taylor Made Can Help You Keep Up with Garage Renovations

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