It’s that time of year again – out with the old, in with the new! In some regards, at least. Some of 2024’s home renovation trends include bringing back a bit of the old. This year, keep an eye out for 2024’s trendiest features, like warm wood finishes, fluted details, and bold colors. If you’re working on a renovation project of your own, and trends are your thing, here are some of the top 2024 home renovation trends to consider.

Warm Wood Finishes and Beige Neutrals

This year’s trends are showing a replacement of whites and grays with warmer tones, like beiges, off-whites, and shades of brown. Natural wood finishes blend well with this style, so it makes sense that they are along for the ride. We recommend mixing patterns and textures to add depth and warmth to a style. For example, paneling and fluted details are making a comeback, as well as original wood cabinets with gold undertones. The idea is to cultivate a welcoming, warm look and feel for the home, in contrast to the cool colors that are being phased out.

Tiles as Texture and Bold Colors

Bolder patterns and textures are growing in popularity, starting in the kitchen! Gone are the days of bare drywall. Now, we’re covering kitchen walls in colorful tile backsplashes, and even adding a slab of countertop matching Calacatta marble from range to ceiling for a bold statement piece. Look for exciting twists on the herringbone style like zigzags and splashes of color throughout. We’re also seeing more murals, wallpaper, and wainscoting finishes in place of bare walls throughout the rest of the home. 2024 home renovation trends are taking on an old luxury theme.

Health-Related Upgrades

Heading into the new year, we are also seeing some health-conscious trends making their way in. If you’ve been looking for a reason to expand your home gym or add a steam room to your home, we’re giving it to you! Saunas and indoor plunge pools are paving the way for health-related renovations this year, as are the addition and replacement of many kitchen appliances. For example, gas ranges are being replaced with electric cooktops, microwaves are being replaced with steam ovens, and under-sink compost systems are being installed for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Mudroom and Laundry Room Combination

This 2024 home renovation trend was born out of necessity, and we’ve decided to keep it around. Combining the mudroom and laundry room became very popular when COVID struck, because when you would come into the home, you’d want to rid yourself of your outer layers to keep from bringing germs inside. Now, this has proved such a convenient setup that we’re keeping it around. Mudrooms are now near the laundry, if not in the same room.

Taylor Made Can Help You Keep Up with 2024 Home Renovation Trends

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