When you choose to purchase a historic home, it’s likely because you’re a fan of the historic charm that comes along with it. Maybe the crown molding and vintage wooden floors were a big draw, but you aren’t crazy about the current kitchen and bathroom aesthetics, which are dated. There are some ways you may have to update your home, but you can do so while preserving some of its historic features, as well. You don’t have to give one up to have the other. Here are some of our tips for remodeling historic homes.

Research Your Home’s History

Remodeling historic homes can be a little tricky if you don’t know the history of the home in question. It comes down to more than the year the house was built. It probably went through updates and renovations over the years, so you’ll want to know which style you’re really trying to preserve. A good way to approach this is to follow along with the home’s structure, or bones. If the house is of the Victorian style, for example, you won’t want to completely modernize the kitchen so that it doesn’t match. Another way to make sure the history of the home is preserved is to maintain the original floor plan. You wouldn’t want to change the lovely Victorian layout to an open floor plan if your goal is to preserve the home’s historical character.

Preserve Style through Decorative Features

Does your historic home have creaky, beat-up cabinets with lovely brass handles? Consider keeping the hardware, like handles and doorknobs, intact and simply replacing the features that need to be replaced. Similarly, when remodeling historic homes, we find that there are a lot of stained-glass features. Instead of replacing those, or otherwise ignoring them in your design, bring their colors into your design for a stylish flow, while keeping this historic touch. When you can keep some of the elements and work the design around those, you can still enjoy some of the home’s vintage character.

Hardwood Floors and Fireplaces

If your hardwood floors and fireplaces are safe and functional, we recommend preserving those elements of your home, if your aim is to preserve some of the home’s history. These are often features that hold the greatest amount of charm and the biggest draw for those who love the vintage aesthetic. When remodeling historic homes, we want to help in whatever way we can when it comes to finding and preserving the traditional elements that you might miss. Intricate crown molding, millwork and trim also fall into this category.

Taylor Made Can Assist with Remodeling Historic Homes

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