When approaching a project for a new addition to a home, one of the more challenging questions we must ask is, how should this addition look on the outside? Do you want to match the architectural style of the home, or perhaps choose another style that blends well? One thing you probably don’t want is for your home to have a large, flat square attached to the side. Blending architectural styles with purpose is important for both your home’s curb appeal, and its resale value. If you aren’t sure where to begin with making this decision, we can help with some blending ideas of our own!

Common Maryland House Styles

Maryland is rich with history, and that means many of our older homes carry the old charm of some of the architectural styles used as far back as the 18th century. Many of our homes are Georgian and Cape Cod-style houses, or even traditional ranch style houses. Begin by learning about what style your home displays, and then you can learn about what blends well with it.

The Georgian Architectural Style

A Georgian style house, for example, consists of a stone or brick two-story house, popular during colonial times. It would have a side-gabled or hipped roof and symmetrical windows along the front. You can maintain this look with an addition that matches the brick or stone of your home, or that complements it. For example, if your home is a light brick, your addition could feature white stone, a large multi-panel window and white columns, to bring out the white in the brick next to it.

The Cape Cod-Style House

Beautifully Landscaped Suburban Cape Cod Colonial Style Home Sunny Residential Neighborhood For the popular Harford County Cape Cod-style home, features include a low, broad rectangular profile, central chimney, and tall, pitched roof. They are often single-story but can be one-and-a-half to two stories, as well. The gabled roof features strong slants and is popular in colder climates where snow and ran can easily run down its steep sides. Think of a child’s drawing of a house, and that is the type of roof, and even the common shape of a Cape Cod-style house.

Styles that blend well with the Cape Cod architectural style could include the Tudor or ranch styles. A Tudor style addition would feature a high-pitched roof with a front-facing gable, and groups of tall, narrow windows. A ranch style addition would be wider than it is deep and would likely have an open floor plan. The pitched roof would be lower, and it could create a U or L-shaped structure.

If you’d rather stay traditional and blend your new addition with your Cape Cod-style house without using different styles, you can match siding with your current siding and choose bay windows for blending.

Taylor Made Can Blend Architectural Styles with Your Addition

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