Whether you’ve bought a fixer-upper with a list of repairs and remodeling ideas that will make it yours, or you’ve fallen behind on updates you’d like to make in your current home, you must decide which room to remodel first when you’ve got more than one project on your hands. Do you want to replace all the flooring first, so that you only have to move all of your furniture once, or do you want to focus on living spaces so that you have somewhere to relax during the rest of the remodeling? When it comes down to it, this is a question of personal preference, and there’s no right answer. We can, however, offer some advice!

Which Room to Remodel First

It may go without saying that you should start with your highest-priority room. If you’re most excited about getting the kitchen done, that’s the room to remodel first. Your sense of accomplishment may even fuel you to keep going when you’d otherwise be low on motivation.

Another approach might be to focus on the project that will yield the highest return when choosing which room to remodel first. If you’re planning on converting a basement or attic into an extra living space, for example, that could yield a higher return than updating your living room, so you could start there. That way, if you take time between projects (because let’s face it, most of us don’t have the budget to do everything at once), you’ve at least completed the project with the highest return, just in case you run out of steam before completing the others.

Projects to Consider

Thinking along those lines, common rooms to remodel first are the kitchen or bathrooms. Kitchens are high-traffic rooms in the home, which would explain why they’re usually a high priority. They also yield a strong return when updated according to current trends. Focus on making your kitchen part of an open floor plan, updating your cabinets, and installing hardwood or tiles to update the flooring.

Bathrooms are often another high-priority update. New flooring, vanities, and fixtures, as well as any plumbing or electrical work needed, will pay off in the long run, both in comfort and resell value.

Which Rooms Do You Use the Most?

Don’t forget to consider the rooms you use the most in your list of high-priority projects. How much inconvenience are you willing to endure? For example, if the room you use the most isn’t the kitchen, but instead it’s the sunroom, will it be too inconvenient to live in that space as-is while working on other projects? Or should you get that one done first, and quickly, so that you can still maintain peace in your preferred space? These are important considerations to make, as well.

Taylor Made Can Help with Your Remodeling Projects

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