So, the summer season has you dreaming of an outdoor space? Or are the thoughts of fall already creeping in, and you’d like to spend those evenings outside around a fire pit? Whatever your reason, you’ve decided that it’s time to add some living space to your outdoor area, but will that come in the form of a deck or patio? There are pros and cons to both options and ultimately it will depend on the space you’re working with. For example, is the ground even, or uneven? Do you have close neighbors from whom you’d like some privacy? Or strict building codes to adhere to? Look over our pros and cons list to see which option would work best for you.

Deck or Patio? The Pros and Cons of Both



Decks are built onto the home, extending its square footage and resale value. They are ideal for creating a space with a view, especially if the ground is uneven where you’re looking to build. Full-wood decks, like those created using redwood, are beautiful, but they require annual maintenance to keep them looking nice. Even so, the color will fade over time. Wood decks last about 10-15 years on average, even with maintenance. Then again, their resale value is traditionally about 60-80% ROI.

There is the composite deck option, as well. Composite materials are longer lasting and require less maintenance. They also suffer less fading of color over time. You might see more of an up-front cost for materials with this option, but if you’re leaning more toward a deck, this option requires less work in the long run.

Either way, decks often must be built according to community standards. They are considered a part of your house and must be inspected for safety and have weight limits. If you choose to build a deck rather than a patio, be prepared to fill out all the necessary paperwork to make sure the project meets building standards.


When deciding between a deck or patio, it’s of the utmost importance to look at the evenness of the ground in your building area. A patio doesn’t have to be attached to your home, so that offers some flexibility if the ground is uneven in some areas but allows for a great spot for the patio elsewhere. Patios can be built using paver stones, concrete, bricks, or other materials. You can choose whatever fits your aesthetic best. They also require minimal maintenance. You can clean them with a pressure washer or garden hose as needed.

If you prefer a little more privacy, a patio is a more suitable option. With a deck, you are propped higher, and more visible to close neighbors. However, you get less resale value from the addition of a patio over a deck. It’s about 50% ROI on average.

When it comes down to it, this decision is about your personal preferences, but either way, we are ready to help!

Taylor Made Can Help with Your Deck or Patio

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