The concept of open floor plans first appeared in the 1950’s, so it’s not a new trend by any means, but it has taken off in popularity since the 1990’s. Over the last couple of decades, open-concept designs have sped to the forefront of most home renovation requests, and it’s easy to see why. There are a lot of benefits to this type of layout, but there are some drawbacks, as well. Open floor plans may or may not be here to stay, so it’s best to choose the plan that suits your individual needs over the most popular style now.

What Does Open Concept Mean?

When a home layout opts for large, shared spaces rather than separate rooms blocked off with more walls, you have an open concept plan. This is generally done with kitchens, dining rooms, and a living room to create a “great space.” The idea is that it brings a more modern, casual, or communal feel to the home, and it’s especially popular for homes with less square footage, to make rooms feel bigger and more spacious.


  • More Space:
    Open floor plans have the huge benefit of making a small space feel big. If your home feels small and cramped, you might prefer to open it with this type of layout so that you can feel more relaxed in your space.
  • Great for Entertaining:
    If you like to host parties and entertain guests, the open concept “great space” is perfect for keeping in contact while multitasking. Guests can sit at your counter island and enjoy a cocktail while you complete the finishing touches for a meal, or they can interact with you from the living room space without disruption.
  • Family Time:
    If you feel that your family is cut off from one another because they’re spread into different rooms at any given time, you can open the floor plan so that everyone feels a bit more connected.


  • Lack of Privacy:
    If rooms aren’t separated by walls, it can be difficult to have a space in which to practice a hobby, or enjoy your streaming, without noise and interruption from other activities in the home.
  • Can feel Cold/Difficult to Decorate:
    Many who choose not to use open floor plans do so because the modern look and feel isn’t their style. They might feel that it’s cold and impersonal, with a lack of walls for placing artwork or picture frames.
  • Not Energy Efficient:
    Heating and cooling in one large area becomes more expensive, and harder to maintain, as opposed to heating and cooling multiple separate rooms. Sometimes, energy efficiency takes precedence for families.

Learn More about Whether Open Floor Plans Work for Your Renovation Project

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