When upgrading your home with renovations and additions, it’s easy to focus on elements that add more space, like extra bedrooms or bigger bathrooms, but what about your entertainment spaces? If you like to host guests, you can also prioritize layouts for entertaining when updating rooms like the kitchen and living spaces, or when adding a sunroom, or a deck to the backyard. We have some ideas to share for some great layouts for entertaining! Here are a few.

The Open Kitchen Plan

No matter the shape and size of your kitchen, if you want to entertain in it, you’ll need some space to do so. This is especially true if your style of hosting involves serving meals or drinks since that often means company will congregate in the kitchen while you’re preparing the main event.

Some of the best kitchen layouts for entertaining involve islands. You can take a U-shaped kitchen, for example, and rather than add more countertops and cabinetry, you can add an island to create a G-shaped kitchen, so that the space is still plenty open for socializing. The island provides storage, extra counter space, and with some stools, even a place for friends and family to sit and chat while you’re adding the finishing touches to the main course. The key is to keep it open so that you’re not closed off from company while in the kitchen.

Sunroom Design Ideas

A sunroom is the perfect place for hosting, almost all year round! If you’re adding a sunroom, or revamping the one you have, consider some strong design layouts for entertaining. You can make it into a game room, tearoom, or simply an extension of your regular living space, and it will be the focal point of the home for guests.

When deciding on your layout, reflect on the room’s best features. Does the sunroom open onto a deck and cookout space? Or is its best feature the “almost outside” feel that you get from all the natural light? Even a small sunroom can feel big, bright, and inviting with the right amount of natural light. Next, consider how you’d like to use the space. There are plenty of multi-purpose options that allow for making a rectangular sunroom into two different themed spaces. One half could host seating for relaxation, while the other half could host a pool table. If the space is inviting, and the layout permits, this could be your best room for hosting parties.

Backyard Layouts for Entertaining

The backyard is where everyone wants to be in the summer evenings, and yours can be used to host guests whether it’s big or small, if you design the space with hosting in mind. Small yards might seem more challenging, but a pergola over a small patio can add just the ambience you needed to draw people outside. If you have a porch, but a small backyard, consider a walkway and a fire pit to make the area more appealing. A large yard could benefit from a large deck and cookout space with lots of seating to take everyone outside!

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