If you’re expecting a new family member, you may need to make some changes to your home. Maybe you’re helping an aging parent move in, or you’re starting a family and need to add a nursery to your home. Home additions are extensive projects, but they also add tremendous value to your property. You’re likely to regain what you invest, and in the meantime, you can enjoy added space for your family. The best way to welcome someone into your home is to provide them with the comfort they need.

Nonetheless, there are many factors to consider when it comes to home additions. How much space does your loved one need? Do they require additional safety features? What will your budget allow? How can you make sure your addition matches the rest of your home seamlessly?

At Taylor Made, we understand that every home renovation project comes with obstacles as, but we’re committed to making your vision a reality. Read on for helpful tips that are designed to make the process go smoothly.

Make a List of Your Needs and Identify Your Target Budget

Before you make any decisions, it’s important to understand your goals. Set some time aside to make a thorough list of your new family member’s needs. For elderly loved ones, this might mean identifying any necessary accessibility features. Your aging relative might benefit from grab bars in the shower, added lighting, and wider doorways, for instance. A live-in caregiver, on the other hand, might require more space to feel independent. Custom contractors can add a wing with its own bathroom and kitchen to make them feel at home.

No matter what your needs are, getting your finances in order is essential. Examine your resources to determine how much you can spend. It’s important to be realistic, but many homeowners can find creative ways to afford home additions. You may also want to look into home improvement financing options.

Check with Neighbors and Look into Zoning Restrictions

Homeowners should ensure that their home addition ideas are compliant with local regulations. Certain zoning restrictions could disrupt your plans and you may need to make adjustments. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to give neighbors a heads-up before you start a major project. If you’re adding a second level to your home that will impede a neighbor’s view, for instance, they should know in advance. You should also mention how long the renovation will likely take and the noise they should expect.

Work with Designers Who Understand Your Vision

Ultimately, the most important thing you can do is partner with professionals who listen to your needs. Home additions are complex, and they require experienced contractors who have completed several previously. It’s important to choose a company you trust, one that takes their time with the design process and doesn’t pressure you financially. The team you choose should help you determine what features your new family member needs. During the consultation process, they’ll discuss your desires and your budgetary restrictions. Next, they’ll help you design your addition and refine working drawings until you’re 100% satisfied. When it comes to projects of this scale, you don’t want to settle for second best. Partner with a business that has spent decades putting their clients first.

We here at Taylor Made Custom Contracting have a lot of experience with building additions. The picture above shows the addition we did for our clients in Towson, MD. Explore more of our addition projects here.

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