Cultural shifts continue to change the way we perceive our home environment. The pandemic and work-from-home culture, for example, have totally altered how we view our homes.

If you’re feeling like you need a change that represents your inner transformation, you’re not alone. We spend a lot of time in these spaces, and even a fresh coat of paint can bring a shift in perspective. With spring right around the corner, now is also a great time to brainstorm!

From standout light fixtures to bold patterns, we’ve rounded up our favorite décor trends for 2023 to inspire your redesign. Whether or not you like to follow trends, these stylish ideas serve as a perfect starting point. They might spark your creative spirit, and you can personalize them however you like!

Statement Lighting

Light can transform the dreariest room into one that feels welcoming and bright. The more the merrier! However, the quantity of lighting fixtures you choose is just as important as their aesthetic qualities. Standard single pendant fixtures and box fixtures might illuminate your space but diminish its appeal. This year, large, unconventional lighting fixtures have become a hit. We especially love globe pendants, oversized floor lamps, and beaded chandeliers.

Retro with a Twist

Anything that triggers nostalgia is a surefire décor trend for 2023. When times are uncertain, reminders of the past are like a comforting blanket. According to recent studies, nostalgia stirs positive emotions, provides feelings of hope, and helps those experiencing loneliness. There’s no denying retro is here to stay, whether it’s a vintage coal stove from the early 20th century or a 1970s shag carpet. However, you can take this to the next level through contrast. Try adding vintage finds to spaces in your home that feature contemporary elements.

The Wallpaper Comeback

Wallpaper is back, which might elicit a groan or a cry of excitement depending on your tastes. Nowadays, the application and removal of wallpaper are now much easier thanks to peel-and-stick options. Homeowners can also enjoy choosing a pattern that adds a sense of individuality to their space. Exposed brick, artistic murals, and textured wallpaper are all available options. This is an excellent choice for powder rooms, kitchens or bedrooms that need a dose of pizzaz.

A Focus on Wellness

Self-care and mental health have become important topics, and décor trends for 2023 reflect that. For some, that means improving acoustics for private, quiet home offices. For others, it means creating a personal yoga studio, building a “she” shed, or installing a better air filtration system. This trend is particularly important because it highlights our need to refresh and rejuvenate our homes. Taking better care of yourself begins with making your home feel like a place where you can reset.

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