One fact of life is that as we get older, our needs change. At the same time, few older adults want to sacrifice their independence and live in a retirement home. 77% of adults 50 and older say want to remain in their homes as they age, according to a survey by AARP. Considering all of us would prefer to live comfortably with our loved ones in a place that’s familiar, this makes complete sense.

Perhaps you’re helping aging relatives move into your home and you want to make sure that it’s safe. Perhaps you’re aging yourself and you live alone, so you need resources to help you stay independent. Regardless, essential aging-in-place features will help you to achieve a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Essential Aging-in-Place Features for Your Home

Grab Bars and Curbless Showers in the Bathroom

Slip and fall accidents are more common among seniors and older adults. The bathroom can be even more perilous due to slick surfaces and smooth, slippery floors. Two aging-in-place features are specifically designed to lower these risks: grab bars and curbless showers.

Unfortunately, no one can predict when they’ll take a fall. It often happens quickly, catching us off guard. Having grab bars gives elderly adults peace of mind, as they know that something is there to keep them steady. This is especially important if they have to move from a wheelchair to the shower or toilet. Curbless showers also ensure seniors can step inside carefully without any trouble. Shower seats can even be added to prevent falls on hard bathroom tile.

Wider Hallways and Entryways

Seniors sometimes need wheelchairs, walking canes and upright walkers to get around. However, it can be difficult to maneuver these in tight, cramped spaces. A skilled contractor can widen your hallways and entryways to make extra room. This is one thing relatives tend to forget when considering what aging-in-place features their loved ones will need. Don’t wait until it’s too late to resolve the problem; address it immediately so your family members can enjoy increased mobility at home.

Under Cabinet Lighting in the Kitchen

Another aging-in-place feature you should consider is under cabinet lighting. Generally, any kind of extra lighting throughout the home is helpful. However, in the kitchen overhead cabinets create shadows that make it harder to see. It can be challenging for older adults to prepare meals without proper under-cabinet lighting. Furthermore, dark lighting makes it dangerous to use a knife and other kitchen tools. It is important to install extra lights so that the space is as bright and visible as possible.

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