Are you searching for eco-friendly ways to renovate your home? You’re not alone. 93% of homeowners today see the benefits of green home upgrades, according to a recent LightStream survey. 60% of homeowners are actively investing in eco-friendly transformations. These renovations come with cost savings, added home value, and a reduced carbon footprint. For many, the advantages far outweigh the effort it takes to complete such a project. Our expectation in 2023 and beyond, then, is that even more homeowners will recognize the value of green alternatives.

If you’re looking to renovate your home sustainably, we have a few suggestions to get you started. Read on to enjoy the benefits of a healthier home!

Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate Your Home

Opt for More Energy-Efficient Appliances

The appliances in our homes take up a great deal of energy. During the pandemic, many families spent more time at home and began using their appliances more. Energy consumption continued to grow by 4% in 2021. Why? Now that appliances have become affordable for homeowners, the average person is able to have appliances like refrigerators and multiple televisions. Owning the latest and greatest appliances has become “the norm.”

With all this in mind, it’s highly important to choose energy-efficient appliances. These are designed to be more efficient and consume less energy. Consequently, they’ll help you save money on bills. You may also want to consider eliminating appliances you don’t need or use. For instance, do you need a dishwasher in your main kitchen and your basement bar area? Is a second freezer really necessary? In some cases, less is more. This is especially true if you’re prioritizing eco-friendly ways to renovate your home.

Visit Antique Shops and Use Reclaimed Materials

Another option is to visit your local antique shop for light fixtures, doorknobs and other pieces of hardware. Reusing old items is better for the environment and it’ll give your home its own unique personality. A lot of homeowners enjoy thrifting for vintage finds since it’s rewarding to discover a certain piece that speaks to them.

You can also use reclaimed wood for your floors, walls and kitchen counters. This is another eco-friendly option that also happens to be aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for creative and eco-friendly ways to renovate your home, it’s a win-win situation!

Donate, Don’t Throw Away

During your home renovation, you might be tempted to purge as many old items as you can. However, you should examine anything that’s in good condition before you start piling up trash bags. Could it be re-used? Does it still function properly? If not, could it possibly be rehabilitated? You could donate your belongings through Goodwill or Greendrop so others can repurpose them. If you can find a place to donate your items, that’s always better than disposing of them in a landfill. You can also donate to a nonprofit that uses old appliances and materials to build homes for low-income communities. Habitat for Humanity is one such option. Be sure to read through each organization’s rules for what they do and do not accept.

Insulate Your Home

Choosing the correct insulation is also an eco-friendly way to renovate your home. Insulation helps homeowners retain heat during the winter and keep their homes cool in the summertime. With high-quality insulation installed by a professional, you won’t have to use your thermostat as often. This means lower energy bills and less energy consumption overall.

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