With your kitchen being the center of the house, an island can certainly become a workhorse. We’ve selected a few kitchen island examples that can provide you with more than just extra counter space.

Kitchen Island Bench Seating

Bench Seating

Integrating bench seating on one side is a unique way to utilize a kitchen island. It’s simply a continuation of the countertop leaving an area for a table and seats. 

Pros: A bench feature can allow for a place to sit at breakfast, seating for homework so parents can assist or, a place to relax while keeping an eye on the chef. 

Cons: Bench seating may provide less opportunity for extra cabinet space on one side of the island. 

Good for: Larger kitchen designs, everyday usage, and entertaining.

Open Shelved Kitchen Island

Open Cabinet Kitchen Island

Open Shelving 

Incorporating open shelving can be a versatile way of including more storage for items to showcase. 

Pros: This design feature gives easy access to extra storage and can be a clever way to add small decorations and personal touches to any kitchen. 

Cons: All objects on the shelves need to be safe for little ones who live in your home or visit. 

Good for: Personal touches, wine bottles, extra unique storage, collectibles, and attractive bound cookbooks.

Refrigerator in Island

Gray Blue Contrasting Kitchen Island

Addition of an Appliance

An efficient way of maximizing counter space is to include an appliance inside your island. By installing a refrigerator or microwave in the cabinetry can create a better flow to your kitchen.

Pros: Increased overall counter space. This design feature can support the needed amount of space to have more than one cook at a time in your kitchen.

Cons: Homeowners with small children should decide which appliances are safe to be accessed from the island area. 

Good for: Multiple cooks in the kitchen, larger families, and people who entertain.

Curved Kitchen Island

Curved Shaped Kitchen Island

Interesting Shape 

An uncommon shape can incorporate the benefits of an island to an already existing space.

Pros: For smaller areas or kitchens with curved walls, this is a way to utilize all the functional qualities of a traditional island without sacrificing too much room. 

Cons: This approach may not be capable of including certain features such as built-in appliances.

Good for: Uniquely shaped kitchens, smaller kitchens, and maintaining a proper flow to the kitchen without compromising on storage or counter space. 

Black Kitchen Island

Gray Blue Island

Contrasting Colors

Choosing a different color for the island cabinets can be a way to add a stylish design element to your kitchen.  

Pros: An exciting way to bring interest and a unique focal point to a kitchen that reflects any style.

Cons: Utilizing multiple colors won’t add or change any functional aspect of the island.

Good for: Bringing more personality into the kitchen.