We live in Maryland, and as much as we love the summer, it’s time to winterize our homes. Follow these easy steps to make sure you’re minimally ready.

1. Turn off your outdoor hose spigots AND disconnect any hoses from them. Yes, even if you have a frost free one. If possible, blow air through the pipe, and install a cap, and/or an insulated cover. If you don’t have the frost free type, call us to change them for you.

2. Clean your dryer vent. No, it’s not freeze related, but it’s a lot less fun to do out in the cold. If you need help, let us know.

3. Make sure your gutters, downspouts, and drains are cleared. If you need help, call us. We know at least two people who have fallen off ladders this year- don’t be the third.

4. Change your smoke detector batteries, if you have the older style. Or, call us and we’ll update you with the latest models that won’t don’t need batteries for ten years.

5. Call the chimney sweep guys and have your chimneys inspected or cleaned as needed. Don’t wait for the fire.

6. Have your furnace, or heating system checked, and change the filters.

7. Make sure you have a snow and ice removal service, or the tools to do it yourself if needed.

8. Call your travel agent and arrange a trip to someplace warm in mid-February. You’ll be sick of the cold by then. Call us to see if we’re available to go with you.

Think snow Maryland.