Remember when you were younger and once it became warm, everyone in the neighborhood wanted to spend time outside? You thought a new back porch would be great for entertaining, having fun, and impressing the neighbors.

So, you had it built.

It was decent enough and included a grill, table, chairs, and maybe even a few outdoor speakers. You were excited and couldn’t wait to invite all your friends over to use it. Maybe you overdid it on the invitations because everyone you invited said “Yes”.


Your small porch filled up so quickly that the food, drinks, and guests spilled into the yard. Because it wasn’t large enough to handle all the fun activities you thought, “What am I going to do now?”

Fortunately, that was then.

Instead of yesterday’s isolated structures, today’s decks, patios, and porches are now built as extensions of our homes. That means they have the same design personality as the house and are created to smartly provide the host with areas for seating, food, drinks, and entertainment without extra hassle.

Take the celebration of spring and summer, the beauty of nature and the stars, plus the joy of entertaining friends and look at it in a new light. You may find it even more enjoyable and luxurious than spending time indoors.