For your upcoming remodeling project, would you want to do it yourself or hire a professional? This is a question many homeowners ask themselves. Hopefully, this list will help you come to the decision that’s best for you.

  1. Do you have a specific idea of what you want the project to look like?
  2. Do you have the time?
  3. How much is your time worth?
  4. Do you really have the desire?
  5. Do you enjoy working with your hands?
  6. Have you ever undertaken a project like the one you want?
  7. Do you own or will you have to borrow the tools you will need for the project?
  8. Will you need assistance? If so, who will that person be?
  9. Are you familiar with the structure or architecture of your home?
  10. Are you knowledgeable about building codes, plot plans, and permits?
  11. Do you understand the safety issues associated with your project?
  12. Do you have the skills needed for the project? If not, how will you obtain those skills?
  13. If you can not complete the project according to your original deadline, will you or your family be prepared for the inconvenience?
  14. Do you find home improvement projects rewarding?
  15. What are your spouse’s or partner’s thoughts?
  16. Will you actually be saving money?
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